PLYMOUTH, MA (April 11, 2019)—Students in grade 11 at Rising Tide Charter Public School (Rising Tide) presented collaborative work from their Civics & Economics course at a special evening event on Thursday, April 11. This course propels juniors to consider their roles as global citizens and consumers with responsibilities to others at the local, national, and international levels. As part of the course, students explored one of four civic issues connected to the local region: emergency response, mental health, the opioid crisis, or pollution. Working in groups, they conducted field research, collected and analyzed data, and designed a polished presentation of their findings and proposed solutions. These were presented during Civics Night to invited guests and members of the public.

One student group took on the topic of emergency response and demonstrated a First Aid/CPR lesson to be taught potentially in an Advisory class, a homebase within the school where students develop skills connected to wellness, community building, and future planning at Rising Tide. The leaders of this group were Emily Snyder, John Schelleng, Jack Smerczynski, and Ina Dombrowski.

Another group focused on pollution and filmed a PSA about the dangers of pollution and what individuals can do to help. The group leaders were Zachary Winston, Morgan Derby, Angelina Kelliher, Liam Foley, and Kashka Senat, with Alexander King contributing to the creation of the PSA.

Civics Nights is an integral part of our program because it is so tied to our mission of providing a rigorous, inquiry- and skills-based education that is tied to the local region.The students’ individual and collective work exemplifies the Schoolwide Objectives and Benchmark Skills of Rising Tide. As Communicators, Investigators, Self-Directed Learners, and Community Stewards, our emerging leaders have taken on these issues to educate the public and make a positive impact on our community. 


PLYMOUTH, MA (April 5, 2019)—Families gathered on Wednesday evening at Rising Tide Charter Public School (Rising Tide) to visit exhibits that highlight unique technology and student work and to engage in a number of activities for the schools’ STEM Night. From prosthetic hands to an augmented reality app, the evening showcased activities and projects students are undertaking in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Students and parents spent time in the “ideas lab”, imaging, designing, and using their unique perspectives to connect technological artifacts to their world. They tried out an augmented reality app created by students in the Software Development class, which celebrates art and technology together. The AR app superimposes digital content in student-created paintings, inspiring visitors to see technology as a creative outlet. The app will recognize the actual physical painting on display and then add digital art that was inspired by it to the scene.

Visitors also had the opportunity to see Rising Tide’s ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) machine in action, a rare find in schools across the US. Generously donated by Dion Tsourides, a parent and Director at SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, the ICP machine is an analytical method used to detect and measure elements to analyze chemical samples. Currently, students in Advanced Biology are using it to detect the presence of lead in water samples and learning how the lead content affects the nervous system. A group of students in the Local Ecology Lab class are using the ICP machine to detect nutrients in pond water and learning how these findings affect plant growth. Another class is building water filters and using the machine to test the effectiveness of their filters.

Students from the Technology and Engineering class showed off custom, functional prosthetic hands they created from a wide variety of everyday materials. Visitors also tested and navigated robots the students built and programmed to perform simple functions.

RisingTide to Add Girls’ Volleyball to Its Varsity Athletic Line-Up

PLYMOUTH, MA (February 11, 2019)— Rising Tide Charter Public School (Rising Tide), a college preparatory public school serving grades 5-12, is pleased to announce the addition of girls’ volleyball to its varsity athletic program. Athletics and physical education programs are an essential part of the school’s curriculum. Volleyball will be the seventh varsity offering for female players at Rising Tide. Currently, the school’s Athletic Department offers baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, golf, hockey, softball, and tennis.

“We are excited to begin a competitive volleyball team at Rising Tide,” said Kelsey Kincade, Athletic Director at the school. “Many female students have expressed an interest in volleyball, so we are pleased to expand the athletic program and provide additional opportunities for our athletes to showcase their talents.”  

The girls’ varsity volleyball team will officially form this fall with tryouts and practices beginning in August 2019 for girls in grades 7 to 12. They will practice at the Plymouth Sports Complex. The new volleyball team will compete in the Cape & Islands League.

Students at Rising Tide Charter Public School Win
Congressional App Challenge for Their District

PLYMOUTH, MA (November 28, 2018)—Rising Tide Charter Public School (Rising Tide) is pleased to announce that its Software Development Independent Study students won the Congressional App Challenge (CAC) for the Ninth District of Massachusetts. The winning app was submitted by the team made up of Rising Tide seniors, Nora Rooney, Emma Riley, Joseph Turner, and Robert Brodin.

“My goal in hosting this competition for students in the Ninth District has always been to encourage them to explore how they can use technology to address problems they see in their everyday lives," said Congressman Bill Keating. "Many of this year’s submissions provided solutions to societal challenges such as opioid abuse, texting while driving, and pollution of our waterways. The winning submission from the students at Rising Tide Charter School impressed our judges for the level of technical expertise and the clear explanation of the concept. I look forward to congratulating the winning students in person.”

Run by the US House of Representatives, the CAC is designed to engage student creativity and encourage their participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education fields. Each year, according to the CAC website, they “challenge students to create and submit their original apps for a chance to win the CAC. This nationwide event allows high school students from across the country to compete against their peers by creating and exhibiting their software application, or ‘app’, for mobile, tablet, or computer devices on a platform of their choice.”

The Rising Tide students won for their Voter Registration App, which gives voters all the information they need on voting day. Not only does the app provide a list of candidates running and the ballet questions being presented, but the app offers resources, such as register instructions and voting locations. Their target audience is first-time voters, the same age as the students who created the app.

“I have proudly witnessed Emma, Joe, Nora, and Rob grow as thinkers while at Rising Tide,” said Theresa Szczepanski, Upper School Mathematics Teacher and the Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to explore the intersection of problem-solving and software design with them, and I am proud to see them recognized for their hard work.”

The students' app will now be judged against the winners of the other participating districts in the country. They will be recognized at Rising Tide in March or April when Congressman Keating visits the school. Each team member will be congratulated and presented a Congressional Citation.


"A Doll's House" Performed by Rising Tide Charter School

PLYMOUTH, MA (December 17, 2018)—Rising Tide Charter Public School (Rising Tide) students presented their fall drama, A Doll’s House, on an intimate stage set up last Thursday, December 13th and Friday, December 14th. The cast was made up of Rising Tide students in grades 9 to 12. The students performed their version of this three-act play in a 1950s setting. This drama centers on Nora Helmer, housewife and mother, who appears to enjoy a pampered life yet suffers from a crippling economic dependency on her husband. Because of the conservative society in which they live, her husband continues to exert strict control, and Nora realizes her only course of action is to leave the family home.



PLYMOUTH, MA (November 19, 2018)—Rising Tide Charter Public School (Rising Tide) is pleased to announce its fall athletic award winners. These students were recently recognized for their athletic accomplishments at award banquets held for their respective sports teams at Rising Tide. Each sports team of the fall season selects a Most-Valuable Player (MVP) and a Heron Award winner. The MVP Award is given to an exemplary athlete who demonstrates good sportsmanship, delivers an outstanding performance, and is a great team contributor. The Heron Award is a leadership award given to a player who provides leadership and support and is a great role model for the entire team.

Congratulations to the following winners:

MVP: Mitchell Norkevicius
Heron Award: Roarke Brunstrom

Boys Varsity Soccer
MVP: Justin Trimberger
Heron Award: Owen Williams

Girls Varsity Soccer
MVP: Priscilla Martinelli
Heron Award: Alex Phaneuf

Girls Cross Country
MVP: Claire Zisserson
Heron Award: Nora Quill

Boys Cross Country
MVP: Teddy Zisserson
Heron Award: Alex Garron

Middle School Girls Soccer
MVP: Bella Rochelle and Ellie Smith
Heron Award: Olivia Kiefer

Middle School Boys Soccer
MVP: Lucas Brooks
Heron Award: Shane Mazzoli

Additionally, Cape & Island League All-Stars were recently announced. Rising Tide’s all-stars are:
Golf: Mitchell Norkevicius
Girls Soccer: Alex Phaneuf and Priscilla Martinelli
Boys Soccer: Owen Williams and Justin Trimberger
Boys Cross Country: Teddy Zisserson and Zack Adams
Girls Cross Country: Clare Zisserson, Sam Adams, and Nora Quill